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Honors Program Information

The UMF Honors Program is open to outstanding students who have shown exceptional motivation, creativity, and a strong interest in the world of ideas.

The Honors Center is located at 125 Lincoln Street, Farmington, Maine.

Honors Students At UMF

Incoming first-year students who graduated in the top ten percent of their high school classes, have a strong background in college-preparatory courses, and meet other criteria will receive an invitation to apply for the program from the Admissions Office and Honors Director. Students currently enrolled at UMF may also be recommended by faculty for the program. New or current students who feel they qualify may obtain an application by clicking the link above, or from the Honors Center at 125 Lincoln Street.

Greta and KateRecognition

Honors students are recognized at three levels: Pen Recipients, Certificate Recipients and Honors Scholars. Students achieving any of these levels receive an award at the annual Recognition Evening, notice of their achievement on university transcripts accompanied by a description of the Honors Program, and a notation next to their name at commencement.

Academic Requirements

To remain in the program, full-time students must complete a minimum of one Honors course every three semesters and must maintain a 3.0 grade point average. For a complete list of Honors Program requirements, see the description in the academic programs section of the catalog.

Welcome Dinner 2006What We Offer

The Honors Center, located at 125 Lincoln Street, offers program members a quiet study area, library, kitchen, spacious back deck, and space for classes and academic activities. Participants in the Honors Program are eligible for small, seminar-style interdisciplinary courses and a variety of specially planned lectures and field trips.

What You’ll Receive

Honors courses stress independent thinking, research and writing skills, and oral expression. Work in the Honors Program may culminate with a senior research or creative project supervised by a professor in the student’s major field. The skills developed through Honors study apply to any field and provide excellent preparation for graduate or professional study. Honors courses are designed to fulfill UMF general education requirements regardless of the student’s major.